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Arthritic conditions can be treated in a number of ways. Micro-Fracturing is often used to treat damaged cartilage. It is a surgical procedure which is performed to prevent or slow down further damage. During the procedure, I will insert an arthroscope into the knee, which will allow me to see and work on the inside of the joint. I will then make tiny holes in the bone which will release cells from the bone marrow that can build new cartilage.

Another treatment option is the administration of platelet rich plasma injections. Platelet rich plasma is prepared by taking blood from the patient and then separating the blood cells from the platelets during a process known as centrifugation. The formula, which has a higher concentration of platelets, stem cells and plasma than before, is then injected at the site of the damaged tissue to aid recovery.

Viscosupplementation is a procedure used to treat arthritis and involves the injection of a lubricating fluid or gel into the joint. The fluid contains ingredients that help to improve movement and form scar tissue cartilge on the damage surface of the joint.


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